Here are a few testimonials. You can find many of these on my social media pages as well.

I have been taking lessons with Earle for a little over a month now and I must say he an amazing teacher! I had no experience in guitar when I took my first lesson, but I’ve already made a lot of progress. This is all thanks to him. He’s very patient, professional, and kind. My favorite part, however, is that he explains concepts thoroughly and in a way someone novice can understand which is super important starting out. If you wanna learn how to play, EW guitar is the way!!!

– Mariah McBride

Earle is an excellent guitar teacher! My teenage daughter has been taking lessons with Earle for over 2 years and has learned so much. Earle has a way of keeping it very interesting. He learns about my daughter’s interests and personalizes the lessons for her. He is very good at teaching the important skills of guitar playing and blending that with fun parts of learning to play some of her favorite songs and teaching her to improvise. Earle is very professional and super friendly and makes my very shy daughter feel comfortable. He has also been very helpful and understanding in working with our difficult schedule in recent months. We would definitely recommend Earle.

Jeffrey Hagan

Earle is a great teacher. I took a couple lessons [from another instructor] years ago and was learning nursery rhymes and I just wasn’t motivated. I stopped playing for about 20 years until the itch to learn came back. I wanted to learn songs I love and learn to solo. I’m no expert, but the past year and a half or so have been the most fun in a lot of years for me. I’ve learned a lot of my favorite songs and picked up some theory on the way. Some days, I want to learn a new song and we focus on that. Some days, I want to take another step in soloing and we do that. Earle works with me on what I’m excited to learn at any given time. I look forward to my lessons.

Tim Hyde

I highly recommend taking lessons from Earle. I’ve been going to him for years now and love watching my skills continually progress. He’s very patient, which is great for when we’re trying a new song or challenging riff. The way he is able to breakdown lessons into easy-to-understand concepts has really helped me get better. It’s also just so much fun walking away from his lessons with some new and exciting to play!

Rocco Romeo

Earle teaches my 7 year old girl how to play guitar. He is positive, patient, and professional. I am thankful that he was recommended to us by close friends who are also taking lessons from him. Highly recommend him.

Darlene Ward

I would like to confirm all the compliments Earle has received in these posts and offer my own. I have played on and off for many years, unfortunately more off than on. At 56, I decided I didn’t want to quit anymore and regret it more than I do now. I consider myself lucky to have found Earle and have him as a guitar/music teacher. Instruction for an adult differs from younger students and Earle’s willingness to listen, and ability to adapt to my needs impressed me very much. Over the years I have had several guitar teachers. I am currently not taking lessons but I am playing and that is thanks to Earle. I can also say without a doubt if I can start lessons again, my only call will be to Earle. He has made me a better player and made me want to be a student.

Pete Mentch

Earle has taught my now 12-year-old and 11-year-old for a few years. He caters song selection to their preferences (one’s a little bit country, the other one’s a bit rock n roll), but still focuses on technique and theory so they can develop a solid musical foundation. Playing guitar is a lifetime thing, and Earle is helping make that happen for my kids, with (lots of) patience, constant positivity and outstanding skill. We also like that we can do lessons by Skype when visiting his studio doesn’t work for us. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Klepper

Earle Wood is the best most patient instructor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He taught my very sporadic 8 year old how to play guitar efficiently and quickly. We are very proud of our sons musical talents and it’s all due to himAnd affordable, he really should charge more but I think that because he is an honest person as well as a fantastic instructor he isn’t. But he would be well worth the extra money.

Kathryn Daniels

FANTASTIC INSTRUCTOR and consummate professional, Earle can help you achieve your music goals, from beginner to advanced. My kid started studying with Earle about two years ago and wanted a systematic and structured program for advancement. An intermediate player, Earle’s instruction (and a lot of practice) paid off as my son was just accepted into the Berklee College of Music. An incredible value, you won’t be disappointed!

Mike Luzier

Earle provides excellent lessons that are personally tailored to your needs as a student. If you don’t want to learn music theory he doesn’t force it on you and you learn by playing songs you’ll actually *want* to play. He also makes himself available during the week to answer questions and provide advice as you go along, which I’ve found tremendously helpful. On top of all of that, he’s a very nice and highly intelligent guy with a great location, or he’ll come to you for a small increase in cost. His prices are very reasonable and I couldn’t possibly recommend him more highly.

– Mike Giovinazzo

I’m 69 years old and have been playing the guitar all my life. Earle is one of the best teacher that I ever had.

Frank Stapleton

I wanted to get on here and make sure Earle was getting credit for how great he is at teaching (and playing!) guitar.

I believe I am around the 2 or 3 year mark as a student under Earle and can’t imagine taking lessons from anyone else.

The thing that really stands out to me is that Earle goes beyond just teaching you to play, he helps you set goals and discover what it is that you really want to learn and will be motivated by.  Once you have your goals in mind he goes beyond being a teacher and also takes on the role as a coach helping you get there.

Before taking lessons with Earle the idea of playing in front of any other person terrified me.  Even with near 7 years experience playing various instruments I could not get over that hump.  My current goal that I’m working for is playing at a local bar that does open mic blues night.  As soon as I get better at recognizing and switching keys I’m there. The feeling that I know I can do it now is incredible and I have Earle to thank for that.

One of the awesome things Earle does is encouraging his students to play with each other at events he organizes and hosts.  Without the extra effort Earle puts out to organize these events I would have never been able to to begin pushing myself like this.

It may sound sappy, and if you have read this far I congratulate you but Earle has done much more than just teach me to play guitar.  He’s taught me to overcome one of my fears as a musician and helped me grow as a person.  I can’t express how thankful I am for that.

-Don Leuschner

Earle is a fantastic teacher. Extremely talented and knowledgeable, and very patient. Lessons were always tailored specifically towards my musical interests, but he didn’t let me slide on the fundamentals either…which is key to getting better.

Scott Gibbons

I’ve been taking guitar lessons with Earle for a few months now and each time I attend a lesson it’s my favorite part of my week. He’s a fabulous instructor; he’s attentive and able to identify small things I’ve had trouble with that I didn’t even realize I was doing and those small changes have made a huge difference every time. He responds to questions I’ve had inbetween lessons and he’s been flexible with his schedule when he can be to adjust to my ever changing schedule. I love his positive attitude and how pleasant he is ALL the time. I would recommend him to anyone looking to pick up a new and fun musical skill. 🙂

Ashlei Stroud

Fantastic teacher. Makes learning fun and accessible, explains things clearly, will modify lessons based on your needs and great rates. Recommended him to a friend and they’re hooked already.

Justin Weston

I’m 57 years old and picked up a guitar for the first time. I signed up for lessons with my 17 year old granddaughter. Earle’s methods and personality has made the experience both fun and educational. I feel like I learned more in the first month then I ever thought possible. My granddaughter is very talented with the guitar and has a wonderful and unique singing voice. She’s very shy with her singing, but she feels very comfortable with Earle and has opened up to him (really surprised me!). During our sessions he shared common music interests with both generations. I would recommend Earle to anyone wishing to learn guitar, regardless of age or musical interest.

Frank Terashita

I found Earle a few months ago when my son wanted to continue playing guitar but needed a new instructor. Earle came to our house and instantly started making progress with my 11-year old son. Today, my son is playing several songs and enjoying every lesson with Earle. I highly recommend him. He’s great with kids and his love for music shows.

Kim Sachs

I highly recommend lessons with Earle… the best part of his program is how tailored the lessons are to the individual student. I am very interested in the theory of the music I am learning (what the composers were thinking… how the chord patterns work so effectively together). Earle makes this a central part of all of my learning. Also, he is willing to work on any song types/genres that you like (I take lessons on both the accoustic and the electric) so you get to try to learn a great mix. And, he is a good guide of music beyond my immediate interests so I have been able to expand my scope to play things I didn’t know were out there.

Kate Norman

I have been taking lessons with Earle for over a year now and he has helped me improve my playing phenomenally. He is super patient and has a very good way of explaining things simply. He has helped me improve my scales,solos, rhythm, ear training and knowledge of theory. He has no problem working with whatever genre you feel like playing and will help you push your limits so you can grow. Earle is obviously very passionate about the guitar and music and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn the instrument or improve their playing.

Andrew Hanna

Earle is by far the best in the business. He is not only a musical genius when it comes to the guitar but he has one of the kindest personalities. My son learned more with Earle in a shorter time frame then he ever did with any other guitar teacher. Earle was able to keep my son interested and expanded his love and knowledge for the guitar. He even helped him write and record his own music. I highly recommend Earle to anyone, young or old, to take lessons with EW Guitar. You won’t regret it.

Alicia Weisenberger

Earle is a great teacher. He has a wealth of musical knowledge. He is very kind, patient, honest and listens to your input as a student. He teaches me as well as my son and we both are very glad that we picked him out of all the other teachers. I’ve been playing for 20 years and he has taught me so much. He truly is a player’s teacher if you know what I mean. In other words, he walks the walk and talks the talk.

Wayne Falduti

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