How to use an overdrive pedal.

Let’s dig in and really find out how to use an overdrive pedal and how it helps your sound.

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2 responses to “How to use an overdrive pedal.

  1. Great info! Always wondered how much of the sound of the legendary players like SRV were sculpted by the use of various stomp boxes and distortion pedals versus the type of guitar they used, and the various ways they modified them. It’s interesting that many blues players favorite guitars look like they’ve been in a fire or something, with all of the finish taken off. Does this contribute along with various pedals, to their unique tone. No instrument allows so many variations of sound like the guitar! Players can virtually create their own “signature” sound!

  2. Great question! Where does tone come from? The three main contributing factors to a player’s tone are:
    1. Guitar
    2. Amp and effects
    3. The player’s fingers.

    Subtle things can contribute, like the lack of finish on the guitar body, but SRV would still sound like SRV with any old Strat and a Fender Amp.

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