Track of the Week: “I’m On My Way,” Albert Cummings

Track of the WeekI’m a fanboy at heart. When I like a band, I soak up every sonic emanation that I can get my ears on. I really enjoy listening to full albums. Consequently, six or so bands take up half of my iPhone’s music collection. But there are a few lonely songs that sit there without the companionship of their album-mates. This song is one of them.*

I can’t even remember where I heard this song. I do remember loving it right away. Not because the songs is particularly good. It’s okay. The reason that it takes up prime byte-estate on my iPhone is that I love the lead guitar work in it. The playing, especially during the solos, is so silky smooth that it really stands out from many other blues-rock solos that I’ve heard. Guitarists in this genre rarely have such a strong sense of legato in their improvisation.

Part of this relaxed feel comes from Albert’s sense of time. His notes rarely happen before the beat. He’s either on the beat or a little behind the beat. As a result, his playing feels effortless and confident. That’s something all of us, including myself, should strive for. This song’s solos are strong examples of that and they are why this lonely little song will always have a home on my iPhone. Perhaps one day I’ll invite his album-mates over for a reunion.

*For some reason, certain YouTube users disable the embed feature on their videos. Shame on them! Now you you have to click on the link to view the video on YouTube instead of the comforts of this blog. I guess it’s good to get out every once in a while and visit places like YouTube, but whatever 🙂

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2 responses to “Track of the Week: “I’m On My Way,” Albert Cummings

  1. This tune is an example of why I like the blues….lead guitar. Modern Rock has moved away from lead work, but it seems you can usually find some in blues music. Back in the stone age I remember when I first heard “Ted Nugent and the Amboy Duke’s” album “Tooth Fang and Claw”. Guess you could say that album was responsible for appreciation for great lead guitar work.

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