Women can melt your heart — and your face!

ThoughtsI have confession to make. I’m a bit of a woman’s rights advocate. You can thank my wife Pam for that. Nothing’s better than being married to an intellectual, independent woman who is both kind and strong. She makes it clear to me everyday how dynamic women can be. But this is a guitar blog and not a love letter to my wife, so let me get to it.

I believe that women, quite frankly, rock. And not metaphorically speaking, either.

Here is a list of the my favorite female guitarists:

Bonnie Raitt

Nancy Wilson

Kaki King


Susan Tedeschi

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3 responses to “Women can melt your heart — and your face!

  1. Great Selection!!!!
    Nothing Like Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due.
    Thanks for Telling It Like It Is!!!

  2. What a great lineup of female artists. Bonnie Raitt-Great tribute to SRV. Didn’t realize they were close friends until I read “Crossfire”, supplied to me by you of course! Susan Tedeschi, she sounds so much like a younger Bonnie Raitt. Orianthi- First I ever heard or seen her was in the Michael Jackson movie, Waddaya know, a female shredder! Kaki King, in my opinion, probably the best guitar player of the bunch. As always great blog!

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