Track of the Week: “Life in the Fast Lane,” by the Eagles

Track of the WeekI love the Eagles.  They are terribly underrated and often left out of discussions about great classic rock bands. They had everything going for them: strong vocal harmonies, killer guitar playing, great songwriting and mass appeal. Perhaps they haven’t been elevated to super-group status because they never really paved new paths musically.Or maybe it’s because all of the original members are still alive. It’s amazing what vast amounts of reverence a drug overdose, a fan shooting or a plane crash can bring to one’s career.  Instead of indulging every compulsion only to meet an untimely end, they just played and sounded great.

And you know what? They did everything well. Ballads? Check. Country-fied crooning? Check. R&B? Check. Good ole’ southern rock? Check.

That’s what “Life in the Fast Lane,” is: a southern rock-styled tune filled with studly playing. Take a listen to the sample on Amazon and see for yourself. Sorry, no YouTube videos for this one. I would post my own, but I don’t want the RIAA on my back.

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2 responses to “Track of the Week: “Life in the Fast Lane,” by the Eagles

  1. As you already know, I’ve always been a big fan of the Eagles…hell, you grew up listening to em’! Little known tidbit and blast from the past,Timothy B. Schmit appeared with former Eagles Randy Meisner and Joe Walsh on Richard Marx’s “Don’t Mean Nothing” song in the eighties! Check out this tune with the tasty slide lead by Walsh! Totally retro, and incidently, Marx later married the Blond featured in this tune!

    • Interesting, I didn’t know that. But now that I listen to this Richard Marx tune again I can’t believe that I didn’t catch that signature Joe Walsh style.

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