Track of the Week: “The Boxer,” by Simon and Garfunkel

Track of the WeekI have to admit it: I’m not much of a Simon and Garfunkel fan. I respect them, but I just don’t enjoy their music to the level that warrants a spot in my playlist. Maybe its the lullaby-esque singing style that turns me off. Maybe I’m missing the power of their music because I didn’t grow up in the sixties. Who knows. Whatever it is, I somehow feel that I’m not their target audience – that they’re not speaking to me.

Although I’m not moved by Simon and Garfunkel, I can still evaluate their music. My evaluation? Well, they are great lyricists and Paul Simon can play some good guitar, that’s for sure.

Paul Simon is an excellent finger-picker. He is primarily a rhythm player, accompanying the vocal melodies by playing interesting arpeggios. That’s all he needs to be. Sometimes the star of the show isn’t the guy wearing giant belt buckles, sporting a mullet while ripping off blazingly fast solos.

Sometimes the guitar hero is the guy who, donning an unassuming baseball cap and a normal-sized belt buckle, plays only what the song needs and nothing more. That’s Paul Simon, and for that reason he deserves a respectful nod.

No, he’s not making it onto my playlist. But maybe – just maybe – he’ll make it onto yours.

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6 responses to “Track of the Week: “The Boxer,” by Simon and Garfunkel

  1. I went through a Paul Simon phase~ I am, however, just a bit older and while not cooler, maybe hipper. LOL! Love your site, Bro!

  2. Must say I’m surprised that you featured this tune in your blog, knowing you as I do, but I’m glad you did! Never owned an S & G CD or album, but I do like this song. Because of the lyrics, this tune always invoked feelings of loneliness and despair to me. This is further intensified by the string section at the end. Never fails to move me.”The music fills the space between the deities and the prophecies” – Brett Dennon.

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