Track of the Week: “See The World,” by Gomez

Track of the WeekGomez has a great, laid back, off-centered vibe and “See the World” is a great example of that. The main riff is fun and interesting while the band’s arrangement is warm and inviting.

By layering lots of acoustic instruments, Gomez creates a very authentic sound. There is one electric guitar that plays a small part in the arrangement during the chorus, but it too has a warm, natural sound. Together, these instruments have a very woody, cozy sound. There’s no studio tricks here, just great sounding instruments playing a catchy tune.

So if you’re looking for warmth in your songs, turn off the rack-mounted effects processors and mic up an acoustic guitar.

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2 responses to “Track of the Week: “See The World,” by Gomez

  1. You and Pam gave this CD to me as a gift! I haven’t cued it up for a while. I’ll listen to it this morning! I’d forgotten how great this song in particular was. One of those tunes that was aired frequently early on, and sort of faded away. Time to dust it off and hear it again! Great blog!

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