Track of the Week: “Rock and Roll,” by Eric Hutchinson

Track of the WeekI first heard “Rock and Roll” by Eric Hutchinson on Towson University’s 89.7 WTMD on a syndicated program called “World Cafe.” If you don’t listen to WTMD, you are missing a lot of fresh music. Check it out.

Anyways, “Rock and Roll” is yet another great example how guitar playing doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. Eric Hutchinson, a keyboardist mainly, plays guitar on this track and he does a fine job. He’s not a world-changing guitar player, but he doesn’t have to be. Take a listen:

The lyrics are catchy, but the simple, bouncy, off-beat guitar playing makes the song feel light-hearted and fun. Its hard not to do the butt-dance in your chair while you listen to this song. If your gluts are boppin’, it’s because of the guitar playing. Simple and fun.

That’s all guitar needs to be, really.

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3 responses to “Track of the Week: “Rock and Roll,” by Eric Hutchinson

  1. First week without having you right behind me at work…can’t tell you how much I miss that! Would have commented earlier, but as you know too well, my email lag time at home is generally a week! Your mom tells me that your Uncle Eddie is now on Facebook and then inquired as to when I was going to jump into the fray…NO WAY!!!
    You gave me this CD as a gift, and what a gift it was! Well recorded catchy tunes with relaxed and bouncy vocals.
    Right up my alley, now that I’ve fallen into the ole fogie (sp?) category. Another cd full of catchy, fun well crafted pop songs, that’ll having you humming to yourself for a good part of the day! Another great example of why I always request music as my gift of choice!

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