Track of the Week: “Intentions Clear,” by Umphrey’s McGee

Track of the WeekUmphrey’s McGee is known for their eclectic style and imaginative compositions. They take seemingly unrelated melodies and harmonies and merge them. Think of them as surrealist musicians with a flair for the tasteful

“Intentions Clear,” from the album The Bottom Half, is an example of the rock side of their style. But don’t stop with this song — listen to the entire album! If you like country, folk, jazz-fusion or house music, Umphrey’s McGee has thrown all of it into their compositional blender.

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One response to “Track of the Week: “Intentions Clear,” by Umphrey’s McGee

  1. Blender comment is quite appropriate. Sounds to me like they threw Little Feat and Spyro Gyra in a blender resulting in that cut! Gotta run and flip my Modest Mouse album to side 2!

    Great log as always!

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