Track of the Week: “Dueling Ninjas,” by Trace Bundy

Track of the WeekThis song is a testament to the power of the guitar. A guitar player can weave harmonies and melodies together in seemingly impossible ways if s/he is creative and inventive. Check out this video to see how Trace Bundy, former engineering professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, gets it done.

In this case,  Bundy is combining right-hand tapping to create the harmony and left-hand legato techniques to create the melody. Bundy even finds a way to create natural harmonics with one hand. He does so by placing his right-hand index finger on the natural harmonic and plucking the string with the right-hand thumb, all in one motion. Together, those techniques forge “Dueling Ninjas,” a Celtic-inspired masterpiece.

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4 responses to “Track of the Week: “Dueling Ninjas,” by Trace Bundy

  1. Hard to argue that the guitar is the most versatile instrument! 6 strings each covering 2 octaves, adjustable tuning, what more do you need? “Les Paul recounts a time he was standing on the corner outside of a Count Basie concert with Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, and George Benson, when he began to laugh at his fellow superstar jazz guitarists. “What are you laughing about?”, they asked. “I told them, ‘here’s four of the greatest guitar players in the world standing on the corner all wishing they could play it like the other guy! Isn’t that nice?”

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