Track of the Week: “Jenna’s Eyes,” by Paul Reed Smith

Track of the WeekPaul Reed Smith guitars are world renowned for their excellent playability, craftsmanship and sound. I am proud to say that most PRS guitars are made right here in Maryland, across the Bay Bridge in Stevensville on Kent Island.

When I look at a PRS guitar, I can see the passion for guitar-making in the figured maple top and the intricate fretboard inlays. There’s a man behind that passion. His name is obvious. What may not be obvious is that Paul Reed Smith is an excellent guitar player in his own right. Take a listen to a live performance of “Jenna’s Eyes” from the album Look at the Moon.

Smith’s touch and vibrato are excellent and his chops are top-notch. There’s an effortlessness to his playing that is calming and inspiring. I am glad to see that Smith’s busy life as a business owner still affords him time to play because as long as his passion compels him to play, it will compel him to make great guitars.

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