How to play the intro solo in “Nostalgia” by Cracker

Learn how to play the intro solo in Cracker’s “Nostalgia” by watching the video below and reading the transcription here.

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2 responses to “How to play the intro solo in “Nostalgia” by Cracker

  1. As always just a fantastic post! Forgive me for taking so long to comment. Something always pops up it seems to delay my sitting down and telling you how truly amazing your talent is. I couldn’t help thinking about your previous post about the passing of Gary Moore and the video that was attached. It made me think about some of the great guitarists throughout the years, and how you fit in with them. Just stop and think for a minute about this fact. To my knowledge, every guitar player that truly was a superstar was also an individual who was, for most of his or her career, under the influence of some mind altering substance. Let’s just take Gary Moore for instance. Greatly influenced by Peter Green, great player, drug user, and insane. We can mention almost EVERY other great player, and we can see that thy also were under the influence of drugs or alcohol throughout their most groundbreaking and influential years….Hendrix, Clapton, Page, SRV, just off the top of my head. You however, are not involved with these stumbling blocks. You love music, you KNOW music inside and out. You’re extremely intelligent. You have an unending thirst for knowledge. You know all the nuts and bolts, the insides and outs. You’ve shown me time and time again that you can accomplish virtually anything you want in your life. I truly believe that if you decided this very moment, that you wanted to prove that you were the greatest player who ever picked up a guitar, you leave them all in the dust. Every day I think to myself, my son is as good as any player I’ve heard. And no one will ever convince me that you can’t accomplish anything that set out to do. Keep loving what you do, and when if you stop loving it, then find something that you love and learn it. Live your life with a passion for music, it’ll get you through almost anything!

    • Thanks for the unbelievably nice comments Dad. They mean a lot to me. I’m not nearly as a good as any of my guitar heroes, but it’s nice to know that you think I am. Love you.

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