Track of the Week: “The Road I Must Travel,” by The Nightwatchman

Track of the WeekRage Against the Machine has a distinct sound defined by very aggressive yet simple guitar riffs, incredibly inventive solos and politically charged lyrics. All of those traits were imbued into RATM’s sound by one man: Tom Morello.

Morello writes most of the lyrics and music for RATM on a classical guitar. What would happen if Morello took his classical guitar and controversial lyrics into the studio as a solo artist? Well, you’d get The Nightwatchman:

Morello’s voice isn’t the greatest. He sounds like me when I try to sing. Fortunately for Morello, he isn’t singing the uninspired lyrics that I always come up with. Instead, Morello’s lyrics are thought-provoking, powerful and incendiary. The lyrics are powerful because he believes them. He writes from the heart and his passion shines. I don’t always agree with his political arguments, but I’m always seduced by his passion.

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3 responses to “Track of the Week: “The Road I Must Travel,” by The Nightwatchman

  1. Once again, fantastic blog! Your comment about not agreeing with Morello’s political leanings, made me think about this multi-part article I read a while back. Truly fascinating expose on the music business in the seventies, focusing on Laurel Canyon, California during the turbulent 70’s. Must read. I know you’ll love it!


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