Chord Theory: Basic Chord Stuctures Review

We’ve covered a lot of ground with our basic chords. Today, I’d like to summarize what we’ve covered in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow format. Here are links to detailed explanations of each of the chords that we’ll be reviewing in this article:

Chord Theory: Power Chords
Chord Theory: Major Chords
Chord Theory: Minor Chords
Chord Theory: Diminished Chords
Chord Theory: Suspended Chords
Chord Theory: Augmented Chords

Below is a chart showing the interval recipes and the fretboard intervals of the the six types of basic chord structures that we’ve covered so far:

I feel the need to point out that the chart depicts the chord tones for each chord on a single string. In order to play these chords, we’d need to move the chord tones to the nearest location on an unoccupied string. That’s where knowledge of the notes on the fretboard becomes imperative.

The purpose of this chart is to help you visualize the differences between each of the chord types and aid your memorization of the interval recipes. With regular review, you’ll memorize them in no time! Good luck!

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