Track of the Week: “My List” by Toby Keith

Track of the WeekEvery time! Every single time I hear “My List” by Toby Keith I get choked up. What amazes me is that I know the sobs are coming and yet I can’t stop them. What a sentimental fool I am!

Something about this song touches a very sensitive nerve. Its about making time for the important things in life: family, friends and love. All of those things are near and dear to my heart and yet I never feel like I make enough time for them. Perhaps that’s why I have an emotional reaction to this song.

I think it is fitting that my brother Ed introduced me to this song a few years ago. He knows that I don’t like country music much, but he showed me anyway. I guess he knew I’d be touched by the lyrics. Maybe he was affected by the song as much as I was and we’re more alike than we realize.

Whatever the case may be, it is ironic that Ed is one of those people in my life who I wish I could spend more time with. We see each other fairly often and we get along great. But I remember the fun I had as boy goofing around everyday with my little brother and I mourn the fact that it’s hard to match that kind of closeness as an adult.

“My List,” however, reminds me that I can sure try. I just have to make a little time for that.

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