Track of the Week: “Mississippi Queen” by Mountain

Track of the WeekThanks to an old friend of mine, I was informed that Leslie West of Mississippi Queen released a new album, Unusual Suspects, yesterday (September 20th). Several of the tracks on the album are killer, especially, “Mudflap Mama.”

As good as the new songs are, when I think of Leslie West I think of Mountain, West’s hit-making band from the 70’s. And when I think of Mountain, I think of the enormous guitar tone in their hit song “Mississippi Queen.” Enjoy.


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6 responses to “Track of the Week: “Mississippi Queen” by Mountain

  1. Quintessential classic rock radio one-hit wonder…but the song STILL holds up! To this day, it doesn’t sound dated.

  2. Leslie West had to have his leg amputated in June of this year (he’s diabetic).

    West was the axe-slinging leader of Mountain, which in a lot of ways was a lot like Cream, the famous band with Eric Clapton.

    Listen to White Room by Cream, and compare to Dreams of Milk and Honey by Mountain.

    Leslie West later formed band West, Bruce, and Laing, Bruce being Jack Bruce of Cream.

    The Unusual Suspects feature guest appearances by fellow guitar heroes Slash, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Zakk Wylde, Joe Bonamassa.

    I like his guitar sound, but now it sounds dated.

    I wonder if his sound will change after this life changing event in his life….

    Great blog!

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