Track of the Week: “Right Here, Right Now” by Jesus Jones

Track of the WeekIf I had to choose one song that epitomizes the awkward musical shift from 80s synth-pop to 90s grunge, it is “Right Here, Right Now.”

You don’t even have to hear the music, just watch the video. I mean, look at the lead singer’s hat, deftly crowning his sweet mini-mullet. The hat is clearly an 80s look while the mini-mullet would later blossom into full glory just in time for the 90s grunge scene.

The awkward phase affected the music as well as the fashion. Listen to the super-cool synth-horns combined with a totally-respectable guitar riff. The riff screams 90s. The synth-horns? Yeah, not so much.

I find this awkward phase amusing because it perfectly aligned with my prepubescent awkward phase in middle school. I had a mini-mullet myself, I believe, although I’m proud to say that I never wore a hat like that. Instead, my pants were too tight and I clumsily knocked into things all the time.

Think of the late 80s and early 90s as a prepubescent boy: weird and awkward at first only to become a virile, world-changing man-child later.

Okay, maybe I’m not a world-changer. But I’m certainly a man-child…

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2 responses to “Track of the Week: “Right Here, Right Now” by Jesus Jones

  1. I had forgotten this song, I unashamedly admit I was a fan of the song when it first came out. Now my only question about it is whether the keyboardist is dancing or having an epileptic seizure.

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