Track of the Week: “Left End” by the Rick Peckham Trio

Track of the WeekAs many of you may know, I studied guitar performance with Berklee College of Music’s online division for two years. All of my professors were very good, but one stood out as my favorite: Rick Peckham. He is funny, very knowledgeable and overall a very charismatic teacher. Mr. Peckham has a clear and relaxed teaching style that is hard to find at a school that focuses on jazz composition, a serious and intellectual form of music. I took Mr. Peckham’s award-winning Chords 101 class and I enjoyed it very much.

As I did with all of my professors, I looked them up to see what music of theirs I could find. A lot of traditional jazz among the lot of them, but Mr. Peckham once again stood out from the pack. His gritty Fender Telecaster sound is a far cry from the typical ES-335 with the tone knob rolled off sound found on jazz recordings . “Left End” from the album of the same title features some jazz fusion at its rawest.

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