Track of the Week: “What’s Goin’ Down” by The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

 Track of the WeekI absolutely love the intro riff here. It infuses a healthy dose of Hendrix-style riffage with more of a hard rock edge. I love the guitar tone. And don’t get me started on solos. They’re awesome!

If only Noah Hunt, the singer, didn’t sound like he just walked off the set of a beer commercial. He has the phoniest blues voice I’ve ever heard. He’s like the blues version of Neil Diamond. He’s Mayor McCheese to max. He sucks.

But anyway, yeah, Kenny is good. Real good.

Due to copyright law, I cannot provide you with a video showcasing the entire song. Warner Music Group feels that is an infringement on their rights to make money on this song. Therefore you will have to listen to the preview audio on or your favorite music distributor:

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