Track of the Week: “Interstate Love Song” by the Stone Temple Pilots

Track of the Week“Interstate Love Song” epitomizes everything I love about the Stone Temple Pilots. They have a rawness reminiscent of grunge, the harmonic adventurousness of jazz, and the catchy hooks of pop. To me, the Stone Temple Pilots represent the final stage in the evolution of grunge. If they evolved any further, they would have been too polished and poppy to qualify as grunge.

“Interstate Love Song” features an acoustic intro that pays homage to the blues with its jazzy chords. After the intro, the grungy fun begins.

The main riff is a classic example of a great guitar hook, instantly memorable and catchy. The descending chromatic chord structure during the verse is also very compelling. Lastly, the chorus, guitar-wise, is pretty straight-forward, but that’s okay. The chorus is where the vocals shine.

It’s a shame that the Stone Temple Pilots lost most of the momentum they built in the 90s to band breakups in the early 2000s, but at least they are back together now. Their jazzy, bluesy grunginess lives on!

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