Track of the Week: “Hanuman” by Rodriqo y Gabriela

Track of the WeekThis week’s track is brought to you by Richard, one of my students. A while back, he mentioned Rodrigo y Gabriela during one of our lessons. He was surprised that I’ve never heard of them so he gave me their latest album 11:11 as a gift. After listening to the entire album, I’m surprised that I haven’t heard of them either. They are incredible!

Everything you hear on this track, and many of the other tracks on 11:11 for that matter, are produced only with two guitars. All of the complex rhythms are performed expertly by Gabriela Quintero. She is absolutely amazing! I’ve never heard a better rhythm guitar player in my life. Period. Here is a video of Gabriela giving a tutorial of her basic techniques:

Her partner-in-awesome is Rodrigo Sánchez. He mainly performs the melodies and solos. His playing is also very, very good, albeit a little less jaw-dropping than Quintero’s unique style.

Together, they form a tight musical unit. Their timing is absolutely perfect. Formerly, Sanchez and Quintero were in a heavy metal band before moving to Dublin, Ireland to play as a duo. You can hear the hard-rocking riffs mingling with Spanish flourishes, creating an uncommon sound: acoustic heavy metal with a Spanish flavor. Its like an all-natural cheeseburger with salsa instead of ketchup! Okay, that’s a terrible analogy but you get the point.

I listen to music constantly and my ears have developed a bit of an immunity to “new band romance.” There’s a lot of sameness out there and it’s rare that I get excited about new music. But every once in a while I hear something incredible that breaks through that numbness and gets me feeling the music again. This is one of those bands.

Thanks Richard.

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2 responses to “Track of the Week: “Hanuman” by Rodriqo y Gabriela

  1. Wow!!!! EW, please give Richard a huge “Thank you,” because this is amazing! The thing that stood out to me was the cleanness of the acoustic sound. The melody is intricate, but the rhythm…absolutely astounding. One final thought, so many times rhythm guitarist complicate their technique with difficult strumming patterns and although Gabriela’s technique is advanced I never thought, “wow’ I could never do that.” The techniques she uses are second to none. I will definitely be adding Rodrigo y Gabriela to my regular listening rotation. THANKS!!

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