Change it up before you hang it up

All of us get frustrated during our practice sessions. We may be having difficulties playing a scale, or learning a new chord. A section of a new song may be giving us trouble. Whatever the case may be, frustration is inevitable. How you respond to that frustration is a huge factor in how quickly you develop as a player.

When the frustration starts to boil, you might be inclined to say, “You know what, I’m done with this. I’ve had enough for one night.” But before you hang up that guitar for the night, consider throwing yourself a change-up.

You change it up by simply practicing something different. If you were playing scales when the dark clouds swept in, practice your chord. If you were practicing a new song when steam started coming out of your ears, play a song that you already know.

You should try something else before you stop practicing for the night. Guitar is a complex instrument with lots of techniques to practice. Don’t let frustration with one facet of your practice derail the whole session.

You may find that your practice session gets back on track once you make the change. As a result, you will practice for a few minutes longer than you would have if you just hung it up when the vein in your forehead started to throb. More practice equals more development.

So change it up before you hang it up.

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4 responses to “Change it up before you hang it up

    • Ha! Actually, my own frustrations in the practice room inspired this article. I thought it would pertain to lots of other folks, so I wrote about it.

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