“Heaven” by Los Lonely Boys

I perform “Heaven” in this video. You can find the transcription here and the backing track here. Enjoy!

Instructional video for each of the solos here.

***Take note that Los Lonely Boys plays their guitars tuned down a half-step. I transposed the backing track up a half-step so that I wouldn’t have to retune my guitar.


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8 responses to ““Heaven” by Los Lonely Boys

  1. Earle, what can I say, that was PERFECTLY done! I know now without a doubt that you can play ANYTHING you want to play! Absolutely stunning work! You once told me that you were thinking about playing “Satch Boogie”. I know that it is very difficult, but I believe that if anyone could do it, YOU COULD do it. WITHOUT OVERDUBS!

    • Thanks! It’s not perfect — my timing is a little loose — but I’m happy with it overall. I’m glad you liked it. By the way, “Satch Boogie” is a much more difficult song. It makes my fingers hurt just thinking about it…

  2. Really nice job…It’s tough to tackle such a long song, also. If you make a mistake here or there, you have to start over and wade through several minutes of rhythm to get another crack at it! Thumbs up on making it through with a rock-solid recording.

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