Student Spotlight: Matt Anderson performs “Bartender Song”

Student Spotlight. Students perform songs at EW Guitar Lessons in BaltimoreThis Student Spotlight features Matt Anderson. He’s a computer programmer who enjoys singing and playing guitar. He has performed live at several karaoke events, but this was the first time that he has performed with a guitar! He did a pretty darn good job.

See for yourself by watching Matt play “Bartender Song” by Rehab:

***Note, as the title suggests, this video is not for all audiences as the lyrics contains mild language and references to alcohol consumption. Consider it PG-13.

Give Matt a round of applause! Please comment below to tell him how much you enjoyed his performance!

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6 Responses to Student Spotlight: Matt Anderson performs “Bartender Song”

  1. Awesome! Great job. Singing and playing at the same time looks really hard, especially the part with the really fast lyrics. Very cool.

  2. Don Leuschner says:

    That’s awesome, great job!

  3. Matt, that was an awesome performance!!!! You have really come along way with playing the guitar. Your voice has always been great!!!!

  4. Shaun Anderson says:

    Yea Matt!!!

  5. Stephanie Horseman says:


  6. Brooke Ayers says:

    Thats my soon to be brother in law! So proud Matt 🙂 I still think “All My Friends Say” is your next big hit 🙂

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