Student Spotlight: Thane Vibbert performs “Iron Man”

Student Spotlight. Students perform songs at EW Guitar Lessons in BaltimoreThis Student Spotlight features Thane Vibbert performing “Iron Man” by Cream. Anthony has been learning to play guitar with me since 2013. Thane’s and his father Travis take group lessons with me every Friday. Thane is wicked smart and has great sense of humor. I enjoy working with him. And, as you can see, he is quite talented with guitar too!

Give Thane a hand! Please comment below to tell him how much you enjoyed his performance!

For more information about me and the guitar lessons that I give in and around Baltimore, visit

3 responses to “Student Spotlight: Thane Vibbert performs “Iron Man”

  1. Great job Thane! That song brings back a lot of memories for me. One of my best friends in High School did a English report on Black Sabbath when this album first came out.

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