Student Spotlight: Luke Walker performs “Riptide”

Student Spotlight. Students perform songs at EW Guitar Lessons in BaltimoreThis Student Spotlight features Luke Walker performing “Riptide” by Vance Joy. Luke is a super smart 11 year-old who works hard to be the best guitar player that he can be. He always has a positive, can-do attitude. And, as if that weren’t all a teacher could hope for, Luke is also very polite. He always asks me how my weekend was when he greets me before our Monday afternoon lessons. When he’s not doing homework, practicing guitar or goofing around on the tablet, he plays soccer and futsol too! Quite a multi-talented dude! Congratulations to Luke on a job well done!

Give Luke a hand! Please comment below to tell him how much you enjoyed his performance!

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3 responses to “Student Spotlight: Luke Walker performs “Riptide”

  1. Wow!! That was great! For being a relatively new guitar player ( in the grand scheme of things!) we are so impressed and very proud of Luke! ( and Grandpa says: “From one old guitar player to one new guitar player – great job Luke!” ).

  2. OMGosh! We loved it!! Absolutely wonderful! Way to go Luke! You nailed it! So proud of you!.

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