Student Spotlight: Chris Holloway performs “Take Five”

Student Spotlight. Students perform songs at EW Guitar Lessons in BaltimoreThis Student Spotlight features Chris Holloway playing “Take Five” by The Dave Brubeck Quartet. Chris has been my student since 2011 and it has be an amazing journey to see him grow into a fantastic musician and a wonderful young man. We’ve been through four Rock ‘N Roll Revivals, a major musical production at Severna Park High School, and countless lessons covering everything from blues to classic rock to jazz. As his teacher, Chris’s humility, work ethic and passion have made each step along the way fun and fulfilling for me.

This isn’t Chris’s first time being featured on Student Spotlight. Check this video out from 2012. You could tell Chris had immense talent even at that young age.

Give Chris a round of applause. Please comment below to tell Chris how much you enjoyed his performance!

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