EW Jam

The EW Jam is yet another way that I’ll help you to improve your guitar playing. Playing with other musicians is an absolute must if you want to be a better guitar player. It can be difficult, however, to find friendly musicians to play with. That’s why I started the EW Jam.

The EW Jam features students like you playing songs together. The jam is a great way for you to meet other musicians. The jam is only open to my students, so you can be assured that everyone around you will be supportive and friendly. For many of my students, the EW Jam is the only opportunity they have to play guitar with other people.

Check out some photos here.

At the jam, you’ll play a variety of songs as part of an ensemble. Some students play lead guitar, others choose to play rhythm. Some play both! It’s your choice!

I provide backing tracks and sheet music to help you learn the songs before the jam. During the jam, I move around the room helping anyone who may need it and cheering on the students who played a great solo.

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