TBT: A summer of reflection


I once wrote about how music can be a virtual time machine, taking us back to a specific part of our pasts. Every Thursday this summer, I’m going to post a song that reminds me of a certain moment in time.

First up: “Epic” by Faith No More.

Time: Summer 1990
Place: White Marlin Hotel room, Ocean City, Maryland
Setting: A family beach vacation ruined by poor weather and a one hit wonder rap-rock band.

My family went on vacation for a week in Ocean City, Maryland. We were hoping to have a week full of sand and sun. Instead we got clouds and rain. Aside from the time my brother and I spent in the arcades, we were mostly confined to our rooms, forced to watch TV. Which channel? MTV, back when they actually played music videos. And which video played over and over again, all week long? You guessed it, “Epic” by Faith No More.

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8 responses to “TBT: A summer of reflection

  1. And it cost us a fortune because dad and I had to keep dishing out money for indoor entertainment. We were broke! For the most part though, we had pretty good luck with weather. I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Love ya!

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