TBT: “Crush”

Today, I’m continuing my summer series of articles about songs that remind me of my past. In case you missed them, here are the previous articles:

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Time: March 1999.
Place: My dorm room in college.
Setting: Hanging out with my roommate Eric and my future wife Pam.

My wife Pam and I have been married almost 12 years. July 27th is our wedding anniversary. I remember that because it is 7/27. Or, 727, which is an airplane. I kid you not. I remember the date of our wedding anniversary because it is also the model number for a famous Boeing jet. If our anniversary was on, say, 6/21, I’d have no hope of remembering it. There’s no Boeing 621! Thank goodness for coincidences.

So yay for me. I can remember my anniversary. That’s one marital landmine that I won’t be stepping on. Unfortunately, there’s a whole minefield out there. And one landmine in particular is troubling me. I know it’s out there, waiting to blow my leg off, so to speak (I hope!). I just don’t where it is.

That landmine is “Crush” by Dave Matthews Band. I know it is our song. I just can’t remember why it is our song. I even emailed my wife and asked her “How did “Crush” end up being our song?” Upon reflection, I should have also said “I love you. Please don’t hate me for failing to remember important details about our marriage. You’re smart and pretty. And merciful. Yeah, definitely merciful. That’s what I really love about you: your mercifulness.”

Hopefully she tells me without detonating the landmine.

UPDATE: Here’s Pam’s response to my email: “Is it really our song? I feel like we don’t really have a song. I like Crush and I think you do too, but I can’t pin that song to a special moment or anything.”

So I guess neither of us are very clear on this matter. “Crush” is our song, sort of, but we don’t know why. Okay….

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