Student Spotlight: Kaleb Lowman performs “Wish You Were Here”

This Student Spotlight features Kaleb Lowman performing both the rhythm and lead guitar parts to “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd. Kaleb is a freshman at Broadneck High School. He loves spending time with family, hanging out with his friends, and playing with his dog, Calypso. Kaleb has an eclectic interest in music, from pop and classic rock, to blues and jazz. He enjoys drawing to relax when he isn’t playing video games or watching scary movies. Kaleb also has compassion for animals, often rescuing injured animals with the help of his parents. Needless to say, Kaleb is a talented and polite young man and it is my pleasure to work with him.

Give Kaleb a round of applause. Please comment below to tell Kaleb how much you enjoyed his performance!

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7 responses to “Student Spotlight: Kaleb Lowman performs “Wish You Were Here”

  1. Awesome job! Kaleb’s dedication, motivation, love for music and guitar show. Not to mention the instruction and mentorship from a great instructor! Thank you for this student spotlight.

  2. Great job Kaleb and Earle! To anyone watching who wants to learn guitar or ukelele it would be hard to find as good a guy to learn from than Earle!

  3. Great work, Kaleb. It sounds absolutely amazing. I’ll for sure have Wish You Were Here stuck in my head for the next week.

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